Use our skin softening lotions for all your moisturizing needs. From fragrance free to our Aromatherapy Lotions that nourish your skin while using essential oils to trigger neurotransmitters in your brain to release certain hormones for specific purposes, those of which are located on the label.

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  1. Blue Magic Lavender Lotion

    Blue Magic Lavender Lotion


    ...with 'Blue Magic.' replenish and soften dry, aging excema prone or blemished skin. Learn More
  2. Skin Softening Lotion

    Skin Softening Lotion


    Silky, smooth and creamy, moisturizing your skin while softening with oils of almond, organic jojoba, and organic shea butter... Learn More
  3. Organic Skin Softening Lotion

    Organic Skin Softening Lotion


    Softening your skin with organic oils of hempseed, flaxseed, virgin coconut. Learn More
  4. Organic Subtle Rose Lotion

    Organic Subtle Rose Lotion


    Organic oils of hempseed and rose hip seed soften dry, cracked skin. Learn More
  5. Sumptuous Key Lime Lotion

    Sumptuous Key Lime Lotion


    Aloe soothes your dry skin or sunburn... Learn More
  6.  Exfoliating Rub & Scrub Ocean Lotion

    Exfoliating Rub & Scrub Ocean Lotion


    Let the Dead Sea remove dead skin cells with it's mineral rich salt, that helps remove toxins... Learn More
  7. After Tat Products

    After Tat Products


    The aftercare of your tattoo is crucial to its outcome. With our After Tat Balm, Spray, Cleanser & Lotion, you are ensuring the quality of your tattoo in the years to come. All sizes are 2 oz unless otherwise specified. Learn More
  8. Sun Care

    Sun Care


    Use this broad spectrum sun protection made with organic oils, zinc oxide blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Learn More
  9. Body Treatment Spa Package

    Body Treatment Spa Package


    Valued at ($121) Give your loved ones the gift of beautiful skin, with a full Body Treatment, guaranteed to soften the driest skin, with exfoliants & moisturizers. Learn More

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