All of these salves have an organic beeswax base with the addition of moisturizing oils & butters, such as organic rose hip seed & organic shea, they are all fragrance-free unless otherwise stated. When necessary, essential oils have been used for their specific properties known for healing scars, repairing cell damage, relieving stress, etc.

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  1. Healing Salve

    Healing Salve


    With over 50 testimonials, we can say, "Can be used on those dry areas where nothing else works!" Learn More
  2. Hand Salve

    Hand Salve


    Soften your hands with this local beeswax based salve containing organic castor, vitamin E and organic extra virgin coconut oils to moisturize and soften rough, dry, cracked skin. Learn More
  3. Muscle Relaxing Massage Salve

    Muscle Relaxing Massage Salve


    Including arnica for sore muscles, essential oils of ylang-ylang and organic lemongrass which helps strengthen weak connective tissue. Learn More
  4. Nail & Cuticle Salve

    Nail & Cuticle Salve


    Vitamins A, D & E, help your nails grow, nourishing your cuticles with essential oils for strengthening dry, brittle nails. Learn More
  5. Scar Salve

    Scar Salve


    Specially formulated blend of oils high in essential fatty acids Learn More
  6. CBD Salve

    CBD Salve


    For Joint Pain, Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, etc. Specially formulated blend to relieve the pain you are experiencing. in varying strengths beginning at 30mg CBD up to 200mg CBD for Intense Pain Relief! Topical application ensures speedy absorption for quick relief! Learn More

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